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WPT National Bohemia in Rozvadov steht an. Heute beginnt die WPT in Rozvadov und es wird das 1te Mal sein, dass ich dieses Casino besuche. Viel Gutes. Poker blogs from the top poker players around the world. POKER BLOG. WSOP Fantasy History May 25, ; WSOP Schedule May 7, ; My thoughts on RAKE! March 23, ; Annual Poker Goals. Others may have called as well, but after the flop they became irrelevant assuming they ever even existed. His writing has a nice flow, and he writes in a way that keeps his readers interested. Later, I guess maybe when the obnoxious guy was away from the table, DWP told the girl that I was a famous writer and that I'd be writing about this game—and about her. Twoplustwo uses this forum to promote their radio show, and takes advertisements from online poker playing websites as well. Andre is an advocate for pokerstars. Check out my Twitter feed: PokerListings - Die Besten Poker Online Seiten und Strategien Kontakt. In der neusten Pokerhandanalyse der Woche geht es um Ass-König offsuit Under the Gun. As far as poker, he touches upon the industry, tournaments, well known poker players, and thoughtful theories on topics such as luck. The mrsubliminal blog is western unoion by a currently homeless, jobless man who alternates between posts about his personal struggles and complaints about the economy. In der neusten Pokerhandanalyse der Woche geht es um Ass-Zehn am Cutoff. In der neusten Pokerhandanalyse der Woche geht es um 87 suited am Button. poker blog They even blog about poster scams to ensure that online poker players are not being scammed. Vegas Poker Scene--July Ante Up Column. The guy took me to a table which was not the one the boys were at. Although we updated the posts if that is what you meant: This is a great blog to look into if you know mrsubliminal personally, otherwise, not much poker knowledge to gain from this one. You see that was the day—or evening, I should say—that I had planned to play in the GIant commbank customer service at the Rio—the only pokering I did at the WSOP all summer. Poker Bonuses Best Online Poker Sites Best U. Phil jack beanstalk a pretty likeable guy with such an enormous reputation; it would be a good idea to add this blog to your list of must-reads. The blog can be summarized in his own words: Weekly Poker Hand, Episode It was a totally frustrating night of poker.

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Overall, the blog is very informative and players and hobbyists of all levels can gain something from it. The poker room is not really separated out from the casino, and is near the "Party Pit" where they have loud music and go-go dancers dancing behind the pit tables. He is a professional poker player and is well known in the industry. Jared Tendler is an author and psychologist specializing in the mental toughness and agility required to excel at Poker. But as best I could tell, DWP and Lightning weren't talking to each other much anyway. Jamie Flynn is a poker player living in Ireland who approaches his blog with tact and honesty about money. There had been a few limpers, and I think four of us saw the flop. Frequently open forums bring some strange, off-topic comments, but generally this one stays supportive and poker-centric. Good For the Long Term or a Waste of Time? He blogs about poker hands that have had significant impact on the outcome of a game. Andre Coimbra is a popular poker player from Portugal.

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